The right lead nurturing strategy can help you turn your senior living prospects into move-ins faster. When you build trust with your prospects, they’re more likely to share their pain points and objections, which can propel them down the funnel at a quicker pace.

But how do you build the right strategy? That is the million-dollar question. Fortunately, we have an answer.

5 key components of a successful senior living lead nurturing strategy

There are five key components to an effective marketing strategy for senior living. Keep reading to find ways to incorporate the strategy into your current lead nurturing system — and a solution on how to do it all.

#1: Be the first to respond

Responding to your prospects in a timely manner is essential for lead nurturing. Follow through on your promises and answer promptly to all communication from your prospects. Improving ‘speed to the lead’ will help build trust and strengthen your relationship with your prospects.

#2: Utilize a call center

Managing the day-to-day tasks in a senior living marketing and sales environment can be stressful and time-consuming. Working with new leads, organizing events, and coordinating move-ins can quickly take your team members away from nurturing current prospects. A call center with senior living experts can support your team and lead nurturing strategy.

#3: Set a next step after each touch

Keep communication flowing with your prospects by setting the next steps after each touch. Have they recently attended an event in your community? Then, set a date to send a follow-up email or phone call.

Did you mail them a brochure detailing your fitness center? You’ll want to document when and how to contact them to answer their questions and invite them to try out your center using a complimentary day pass.

Setting those next steps helps prevent prospects from falling through the cracks, and it shows that you care and are responsive to their questions and concerns.

#4: Reach out to cold leads

According to a Senior Living SMART blog on revisiting cold prospects, a common mistake among senior living communities is moving leads to the ‘cold’ status too soon. Deciding to move to senior living is a major decision and one that often doesn’t happen fast.

Remind your team to show empathy, patience, and compassion toward what their prospects may be feeling. Let your prospects know you’re there to help them in any way you can — no matter how long that takes.

#5: Host events for your prospects

Invite prospects to attend events at your community. This helps them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings and allows them to meet other residents and staff.

Over time, your prospects will be able to picture themselves living in your community without feeling as much fear or hesitation as they may have when they first contacted you.

Final thoughts

Marketing automation is also necessary in your lead nurturing strategy, but it’s important not to lose that personalized human element in the process. Your prospects will value authentic connections with your team.

Consider using a dedicated senior living call center, also known as a lead management solution, to help support your team and your lead nurturing strategy. A virtual senior living lead management system can assist with calls, increase conversions to tours, contact prospects and leads about upcoming events, and more.

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