Converting your senior living leads to move-ins takes time – often A LOT of time. Many older adults are planning for the future and aren’t yet ready to commit or move to a senior living community, but they want to research their options.

How can you keep these qualified leads engaged so they’ll choose your community when the time is right? The answer is simple – lead nurturing – but the process can be challenging.

Understanding the Importance of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing means knowing your prospects both by persona and individually so you can meet their needs in the way that’s best for them and at the right time. No two senior living leads are the same, each has arrived at the decision to consider a move to a senior living community in a unique way.

For example, a 65 year-old recent retiree who is considering a move to an active adult community for a more care-free lifestyle and opportunities to meet new people is entirely different from the adult child of a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease who is an ideal candidate for a memory care community.

Knowing the difference between these senior living personas is crucial to successful lead nurturing because their journey from lead to moving in is different in many ways, the least of which is the length of time and the number of average touches required to sell them on your community.

A solid marketing automation system is a key piece of any senior living sales and marketing strategy, but it’s not the only piece. A lead nurturing strategy is also key, and it goes hand-in-hand with marketing automation. Marketing automation can significantly support lead nurturing, however you also need a compassionate team to personalize messages, build trust, and guide your leads to action.

Often, there’s not enough time in the typical day of a senior living community salesperson to ensure that the leads receive the touchpoints they need. So, how can your small team be successful at lead nurturing while they’re juggling many other responsibilities? The answer is a lead management solution.

What Are the Benefits of a Lead Management Solution?

A successful senior living lead management system can nurture your leads through the sales funnel, efficiently connecting and building trust with each prospect while logging every action in your CRM.

Here’s how a lead management system can effectively nurture your leads:

  • Every call is answered personally by a trained senior living expert.
  • An experienced sales counselor follows the discovery process using empathy, patience, and active listening skills.
  • All connections are logged into your CRM with the next steps.
  • Web forms are responded to promptly.
  • Older/colder leads are re-engaged.
  • Tours are followed up with calls, emails, and planned next steps.
  • Leads are prioritized and grouped into sales-qualified and marketing-qualified leads.

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