You do not need more leads, you need more conversions – but how?

If you still believe your senior living marketing efforts can excel in today’s marketplace without LeadGenie, consider these facts:

That’s because successful lead conversions are based on speed and persistence. Your front desk staff is lovely, but it’s not their job to expertly handle sales calls. Frustrated prospects will look elsewhere as quick as you can say “Please hold.”

(Julie Podewitz, Solving the Occupancy Puzzle: A Senior Living Regional Director Sales Playbook)

Calls are still king when it comes to senior living conversions! They account for 60% of tours booked and convert 30% quicker than web leads. The majority of marketers will tell you: calls not only convert better, they also boast larger value than other forms of engagement.

(Derek Anderson, “26 Senior Living and Senior Care Marketing Stats You Can’t Ignore in 2021”)

Talk about speed to the lead! When your phonelines are well-staffed, your conversion potential skyrockets. The majority of leads are captured and converted by simply being the first vendor to answer the call. Prompt response times also set expectations and show your prospects your dedication to customer service and the kind of quality operation you run.

 (Ray Hartjen, Speed Wins! How Speed to Lead Creates a Sustainable Competitive Advantage)

First impressions matter and last! That’s why it’s absolutely vital to give your leads the white glove treatment they’re seeking from their very first interactions with you. Quality interactions with professionals who are experts in the industry and can provide personalized support with warmth and engagement make all the difference.

 (“9 Lead Response Time Statistics (2022)”)

Statistics like these are exactly why you need LeadGenie on your team!

Plus, we’ve made it so easy for you to have exactly the support you need from LeadGenie’s team of experienced senior living call center counselors—without any unnecessary add-ons, risks, or lengthy commitments.

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