Before Lead Genie: 43% of all phone opportunities are lost …

With Lead Genie: 95% of calls are greeted in seconds!

You need more than just a call center.

Does your incoming lead strategy work like magic?

Senior living communities are competing for every lead like never before and “speed to the lead” is crucial. The first community to respond is often the winner.

Most senior living communities have front desk staff as the first point of contact for sales leads. But they’re often so busy managing interactions with residents, visitors, and vendors that the phone isn’t a priority: answer it, forward to the sales extension, and move on.

About 43% of the time – the prospect gets dumped into voicemail and does not reach the salesperson on their first attempt.

What happens next? They call the competitor, visit another website or… they convert on a third-party lead generation website, and you end up buying a lead that you could have captured on your own.

For savvy senior living communities, there is a better way.

Ready to convert more leads into move-ins?

With LeadGenie on your team, your wish is our command!

3 packages to meet your needs and budget.

Quick Connect
Your Virtual Front Desk and Concierge

Handling all of your inbound calls and scheduling tours for your community!

Nurture and Advance
Your Brand Welcome Center

Handling all of your inbound calls, as well as outreach to digital and 3rd party leads!

CRM Clean-Up
Cold Lead Reconnect and Follow-Up

Engaging your older, colder leads, and cleaning up your database in the process!

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