LeadGenie is the simple solution to all your senior living lead conversion woes.

LeadGenie is a virtual senior living lead management solution like no other.

We offer virtual sales support to ensure every prospect – across all marketing channels – is responded to, increasing conversions to tours, events and move-ins.

We can work with your existing sales teams or even cover for sales team vacancies. We can work with one community or all your communities, centralizing lead management in shared/clustered markets. It’s seamless, so you’ll never miss a beat.

We make your job easier by nurturing your prospects and turning them into conversions.

While We Make Your Life Easier at the Same Time!

Just imagine…

  • No more worrying that the loss of a single salesperson could derail your occupancy goals.
  • No more wishing every lead was not only followed up with but nurtured along the marketing funnel you’ve taken great pains to establish.
  • No more losing sleep over the leads that are slipping through your fingers, simply because you don’t have the time or manpower to connect with them.
  • No more worrying your salesforce is wasting time on tasks that leave them less able to meet prospects and referral sources face to face, or interact at the community level.

LeadGenie’s senior living call center solution provides you and your team with the customizable support you need to capture and convert every single qualified lead that comes your way.

With four levels of personalized support, LeadGenie offers exactly what you need to supercharge your speed to the lead and maximize your move-ins.

Sound inGenieous? We think so, too!

Download your free brochure to learn more about why LeadGenie is the efficient, effective, integrative, seamless support system you need on your team.

4 packages to meet your needs and budget.

Inbound Calls

Let LeadGenie manage the leads generated from inbound calls across all marketing channels including digital ads, website, print media and direct mail.

Outbound Calls

Let LeadGenie manage website leads and form fills and third-party leads such as A Place for Mom & Caring.com.

Sales Coverage

Let LeadGenie cover for a vacant sales position or function as a virtual sales assistant to manage shared markets with high duplicate lead volume.

Special Projects

Let LeadGenie make call outs to re-engage your older/colder leads, support event management, post-tour follow ups, and more.

Sounds pretty great, right? But how can you know for sure if LeadGenie is the solution you’ve been seeking?

You try it out, commitment-free, that’s how!

Take LeadGenie for a test drive by booking your free demo today! This way, you can see firsthand what your Genie can do for you.

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