Most senior living sales and marketing teams are spread too thin with a wide range of responsibilities to effectively manage new leads. Missed engagement with new leads mean fewer prospects that can be converted to paying residents.

How can we find time to give sales leads the attention and dedication they deserve? How can we ensure that new leads don’t fall through the cracks? How can we convert more prospects to move-ins?

So many questions, and thankfully, we have a solution. You might be surprised that the answer doesn’t involve your distracted front desk team member or monitoring voicemail messages more frequently.

Instead, the answer is – drumroll, please – a virtual senior living lead management system.

How Can a Lead Management System Improve Sales?

A good lead management solution will answer every call personally, follow your discovery process, enter the lead into your CRM, and advance calls to tours.

Inbound phone calls, handled with care, produce results. Over 60% of tours result from inbound calls, and phone calls convert 10 to 15 times more revenue than web leads.

Needless to say, managing calls needs to be a priority in senior living communities.

A lead management system can effectively handle calls, set more tours, and improve sales by:

  1. Personally answering inbound calls generated from all marketing channels, including digital ads, website, print media, and direct mail
  2. Moving qualified leads through the sales funnel to a tour
  3. Making outbound calls to manage website leads and form fills, as well as third-party leads such as A Place for Mom and
  4. Providing coverage for a vacant sales position or serving as a virtual sales assistant
  5. Focusing efforts on lead nurturing and re-engaging with older leads, supports event management, or post-tour follow-ups
  • An effective lead management system will handle your leads with care through professional interactions focused on qualifying leads and setting tours.

  • The right lead management solution will be staffed by senior living industry experts who know how to go through the discovery process with leads and nurture them through the sales funnel at the right time.

  • A successful lead management system will be seamless: your prospects will never know their calls are being directed to our Genies.

    Finally, a productive lead management system works with your chosen CRM to ensure all leads are accounted for.

How Can a Lead Management System Eliminate Mismanaged Leads?

If your leads’ calls go unanswered, land in someone’s voicemail, or aren’t responded to promptly, they’ll frequently get frustrated and move on to a competitor.

Without the right person to manage calls at the right time, you’ll likely find yourself throwing your marketing dollars down the drain along with missed opportunities to turn leads into tours and move-ins.

So how exactly can a comprehensive lead management system eliminate mismanaged leads? Let’s dive in to find out:

A successful lead management solution will also do the following:

  • Use the discovery process to learn pain points, needs, wants, and concerns

  • Communicate with empathy, respect, and care

  • Treat each lead with compassion, dignity, and respect

A senior living lead management system can give your sales and marketing teams time to focus on their hot leads and marketing strategy.

Ready to Turn More Leads into Tours and Move-Ins?

Our magical lead management solution, LeadGenie, is tailored to your needs. We work with all CRMs, fully customize to your brand, and have no long-term contracts.

Are you ready to learn more about our lead management solution? Book a no-obligation consult. We’re here to make your job easier!