Knowing what to look for in your search for a senior living call center can be challenging. Should you focus on the cost? Is senior living sales experience an important factor when weighing your options?

Narrowing down your choices is easier once you establish your priorities for an effective senior living call center. See our top 5 list to help you get started.

Top 5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Senior Living Call Center

#1. Flexible packages and no long-term contracts

Check to ensure you won’t be locked into a long-term contract. Instead, opt for flexible packages where you can choose a timeframe that suits your needs.

#2. Experienced senior living industry professionals

Find a call center that employs and trains senior living industry professionals who understand how to use an appropriate discovery process to uncover pain points, needs, wants, and concerns. An experienced call center team will communicate using empathy, respect, and compassion, treating each lead and prospect with dignity and esteem.

#3. Effective lead management solution

The call center you use should offer more than an answering service – it should provide a successful lead management solution. The system should handle both inbound and outbound calls, follow the discovery process, log details and next steps in your CRM, advance inquiries to tours, and respond to all inquiries immediately.

#4. Full compliance with regulatory requirements

When recording interactions, you’ll want to feel confident that the call center meets regulatory requirements, like HIPAA and various federal, state, and local consumer privacy laws. Ask call centers about retention options, encryption, and consent-based recording to ensure compliance.

#5. Minimal downtime for calls

You want to use a call center that will be responsive to all leads without missing any calls due to downtime or maintenance issues. Ask upfront about their projected uptime and downtime – and whether disruptions occur during active or queued calls.

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