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LeadGenie is tailored to your needs. It’s our goal to accommodate everything you need with zero fluff or filler.

We understand your unique needs, so we built LeadGenie around them. When we say it’s customizable—we mean it!

Getting Started with LeadGenie Is Easy!

Step 1: Choose Your Package(s):

Inbound Calls

Let LeadGenie manage the leads generated from inbound calls across all marketing channels including digital ads, website, print media and direct mail.

Outbound Calls

Let LeadGenie manage website leads and form fills and third-party leads such as A Place for Mom &

Sales Coverage

Let LeadGenie cover for a vacant sales position or function as a virtual sales assistant to manage shared markets with high duplicate lead volume.

Special Projects

Let LeadGenie make call outs to re-engage your older/colder leads, support event management, post-tour follow ups, and more.

Step 2: Choose Your Timeframe

We can manage your leads for a specified timeframe (one day, one week, one month) or until there is a desired outcome (the lead is qualified, disqualified, or advanced to an appointment).
1 day to 90 days – your choice!

Step 3: Choose Your Platforms

LeadGenie works with any CRM, any marketing automation platform (HubSpot, Active Demand, MAP, Active Campaign, and more), and any SMS platform to support calls and emails with text campaigns.

We work with all CRMs

Zero long term contracts

Fully customizable, your brand is our brand

Ready to get started?

With LeadGenie, you make the rules. This means:

  • You call the shots — Your wish is granted with our flexible service offerings. Pick and choose exactly which LeadGenie services you want and need. Think of it like creating a custom bouquet of only your favorite flowers—no fillers! After all, all or nothing marketing plans are so outdated!
  • Your brand is our brand — Our expert senior living call center counselors will be a seamless extension of your brand. You decide exactly how you’d like us to greet your prospects, and we’ll make your sales culture our rulebook. We’ll represent your unique brand with reverence, and deliver your leads the exceptional customer experience they deserve – every step of the way.
  • Pick your platform — Not only does LeadGenie offer you complete flexibility by working with any senior living CRM, it’s also supported by a wealth of different digital communication channels and platforms. Need a channel you don’t see here? Just tell us – we’ll open up new communication channels for you so fast, it’ll feel like magic!

Get LeadGenie in Your Corner Today.

Our team of experts is standing by and would love to answer your questions and help you create your customized LeadGenie experience!