Have your senior living marketing and sales teams been overwhelmed with holding marketing events, giving tours, and moving in new residents? Do they need help meeting the demands of responding to new lead calls and web inquiries?

Lead management is time-consuming but crucial to increasing conversions and building relationships of trust and empathy with prospects. Finding ways to manage your leads successfully is too important to be ignored. This blog shares five signs that your communities need a lead management system – and a potential solution.

Five Signs You Need an Effective Lead Management System

#1. You are short-staffed.

You can’t afford to lose a team member when your sales and marketing team is already small. That absence can cause a chain reaction of slow response times to calls, which means lower conversions and a quickly dropping occupancy rate.

Recruiting, hiring, and training new staff takes time. Unfortunately, that period could be several months or longer. Someone must step up to field inquiries, qualify leads, book tours, and follow up with prospects.

#2. You need to successfully pre-lease a new community.

Opening a new community is exciting, but it also takes a dedicated salesperson to build a substantial lead pipeline before you open your doors. You’ll want to work hard to achieve your occupancy lease-up goals by building an interest list, securing personalized tours, and managing events and follow-up.

#3. You have multiple communities in a shared market.

Managing multiple communities in a shared market can be tricky. You may have sales team members working the same leads, which can cause confusion and frustration among your prospects. If you’re struggling with a high rate of duplicate leads, a lead management system can help!

#4. You depend on your front desk staff to handle your lead inquiry calls.

Your front desk team can usually multitask like no other staff member; however, you can’t rely on them to handle your lead inquiries appropriately, 100% of the time. Instead, they must be available to the residents, families, visitors, and team members needing assistance.

Depending too heavily on your front desk team can result in misdirected calls, calls that are transferred to voicemail, and frustrated leads placed on hold for an extended time.

#5. You have numerous “cold” leads in your CRM.

Many leads are marked as “cold” leads too soon in senior living communities. A few unanswered emails or phone calls don’t necessarily mean a lead isn’t interested. More time, lead nurturing, and touches are often needed to build trust with a lead. If your CRM is full of cold leads, it may be time to consider a lead management solution.

How Can a Senior Living Lead Management System Help?

  • Sales coverage – An effective lead management system can fill in for your vacant positions by managing new leads and following up with existing prospects. You can shift the budget earmarked for a full-time salesperson to a lead management solution that will fulfill many of the same duties as a temporary or permanent solution.
  • Pre-leasing help – A dedicated senior living call center can build an interest list for your new community, set tours for the on-site team, and manage prospect event attendance and follow-up.
  • Multi-community market coverage – A successful lead management system can be your virtual, centralized senior living call center that coordinates your communities’ leads, completes follow-ups, documents activities in your CRM, and works between your on-site team and prospects to book appointments.
  • Virtual sales concierge – An experienced senior living lead management solution can serve as your virtual sales concierge, greeting each new lead promptly and professionally.
  • Lead nurturing assistance – A lead management system can follow up with cold leads and continue to nurture interested ones. A virtual sales service can use empathy, respect, and discovery to address pain points and determine what your leads are looking for in a senior living community.

How Can You Support Your Senior Living Sales Team?

Use a lead management system! An effective lead management system can ensure that a trained senior living expert answers every lead call. This support system will help your sales team convert more leads and improve that important speed to the lead metric.

A successful solution will blend seamlessly with your team by working with your CRM and marketing automation platform. Your prospects will never know that their calls are directed to the lead management call center.

With your new leads managed by virtual sales support, your team can focus on other responsibilities and feel less overwhelmed by trying to do it all each day.

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