The senior living industry is a competitive place right now, which means senior living communities in many cities and towns across the country are competing for every single lead.

Prospective residents are considering multiple senior living communities, so if your community misses the opportunity to create a great first impression, you could quickly lose out to your competitors.

How can you gain a competitive advantage in senior living sales? Consider utilizing not just a senior living call center, but a comprehensive lead management system. All inbound calls will be answered personally and promptly, and web forms and chat messages will get immediate responses, resulting in more leads converting into move-ins for your community. Keep reading to learn more.

How can a lead management system give you a competitive advantage?

Life happens – sales team members go on leave, move-ins get complicated, and special events occur more frequently. A lead management system, like LeadGenie, can be the key to filling in the gaps for your sales team.

You need the reassurance that all calls will be answered personally and promptly, every lead will be entered into your CRM, and more calls will be advanced to tours. A lead management system can be your solution.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Consistent, reliable lead management – A dedicated senior living call center will personally answer every call, following the discovery process with empathy and compassion, and log details into your CRM. They will focus on managing leads generated from all marketing channels, including ads, website, print media, and direct mail. An effective lead management system can also concentrate on third-party leads and website form fills.
  • Dependable sales coverage – A lead management system can virtually cover sales position vacancies and leaves of absence – or when your team is swamped with other tasks.
  • Support for special events and projects – A successful lead management solution can take on projects to support your team, including placing outbound calls to re-engage your older or cold leads, conducting post-tour follow-up calls, and sending reminders of upcoming events.
  • A centralized call center for multi-community markets – Lead management systems will help streamline leads in shared/clustered markets. Your virtual senior living call center will coordinate your communities’ leads by setting appointments, completing follow-ups, and documenting activities into your CRM.
  • A head start on pre-leasing goals – Finding the time and resources to build up a solid pre-opening can be challenging when a new community is under construction. A lead management solution like LeadGenie can give you a head start in answering inquiry calls, building an interest list, setting tour appointments for your on-site team, and managing event attendance and follow-up.

Are you seeking a competitive advantage in the senior living sales industry?

LeadGenie could be your answer! If you’re ready to gain a leg up on your competitors, we invite you to explore LeadGenie, a complete lead management solution that will help your sales team and boost your tours and move-ins. LeadGenie offers virtual sales support, quickly and consistently responding to your leads.

We do this through a customized approach free of long-term contracts and one-size-fits-all packages. You decide what works best for you! Set up a no-obligation consultation today!

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