Like so many senior living companies today, you’ve probably experienced gaps in coverage within your sales teams. This can be caused by various reasons, including vacations, illnesses, promotions, transfers, family medical leave, or even terminations.

These gaps can often mean a considerable decline in efficiency among your sales and marketing teams. You could lose leads over missed opportunities and poor communication, making it difficult to maintain occupancy and meet sales goals.

Hiring, onboarding, and training new employees takes time – and it’s not something you want to rush. How can you bridge this gap more quickly?

Explore a lead management solution to provide continuous sales coverage. Using the right system could be a lifesaver for you.

How can a senior living lead management system fill in sales team gaps?

An effective senior living lead management solution will do the following:

  1. Use virtual sales support to ensure every lead is personally responded to across all marketing channels.
  2. Work with one or all of your communities to provide seamless coverage in shared markets.
  3. Nurture prospects throughout the sales funnel, leading to more tours and move-ins.
  4. Re-engage with older leads, support event management, initiate post-tour follow-ups, and more to fill in any gaps among the team.
  5. Specialize in senior living sales with trained, compassionate sales counselors (we call them our “genies”) who understand the industry and how to use the discovery process to determine pain points, needs, wants, and concerns.
  6. Represent your brand, making a memorable first impression with new leads.
  7. Work with your CRM to document all sales activity.
  8. Work with your marketing automation and SMS platforms to support calls and emails with effective text campaigns.
  9. Customize a solution to meet your needs without locking you into a contract.

Do you have a gap within your sales team? LeadGenie can help to cover it!

LeadGenie is a comprehensive, customizable lead management system that blends seamlessly with your team to transform your senior living leads into conversions.

Our expert team of senior living counselors will bridge the gap for you so your staff can focus on their jobs.

Are you ready to see if LeadGenie Is right for you?

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