Managing senior living leads can be challenging because they come from multiple sources. Responding quickly and persistently, using empathy and compassion, is key to engaging new leads and increasing conversions.

What are the common lead sources in senior living sales, and how can your team manage them more effectively? We dive into both topics in this blog from LeadGenie, a virtual senior living lead management solution.

What are the most common senior living lead sources?

Being inundated by new leads may seem like a good problem because it could mean more prospects and conversions for you. Unfortunately, if you can’t answer each new senior living lead promptly, you may lose them as they move on to a competitor.

First, let’s look at the common sources of your leads and then talk about how you can more effectively manage them.

Common senior living lead sources include the following:

  • Inbound calls
  • Digital ads, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Your community’s social media channels
  • Your community’s website, including form fills and chat
  • Third-party leads, including A Place for Mom and
  • Billboards
  • Print media
  • Direct mail
  • Newspaper ads
  • Radio ads
  • Brochures
  • Emails
  • TV commercials
  • Events
  • Professional referral sources, including adult day services, attorneys, hospitals, and residents

How can you manage your lead sources more effectively?

Using a lead management system like LeadGenie can help you manage all of your senior living lead sources more effectively. A virtual senior living lead management solution can answer each lead personally and promptly, follow the discovery process, and enter leads from all sources into your CRM.

More leads are advanced to tours because an experienced senior living team of counselors will immediately respond to all new leads, no matter what source they’re coming from, including chat, inbound calls, form fills, and more.

A successful lead management solution will also persistently follow up with each new lead so your team knows how to prioritize those closer to being ready to convert.

Discover how LeadGenie can support your sales team

If you’re ready to explore how a lead management solution can help manage your calls and increase conversions, contact LeadGenie.

We can answer new inquiries, call existing prospects in your database, identify pain points and objections, set the next steps, and more.

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