Are you experiencing an influx of senior living leads? Is your sales team overwhelmed by the follow-up required to uncover needs and wants in new leads and nurture qualified ones?

You’re not alone. Having too many leads may seem like a good problem, but it can cause your conversions to decrease and your team to burn out. You’ll notice the adverse effects having too many leads can have in no time.

This blog will dive into what can happen in this situation and offer a solution for a successful outcome.

What Happens When You Don’t Have Time for All Your Senior Living Leads?

Nurturing senior living prospects takes time – typically, a lot of time. The enormous life decision of moving to a senior living community is emotional and often met with resistance over giving up one’s home, belongings, and, sometimes, independence.

On average, 22 touches are required before a prospect commits to moving into independent living, assisted living, or memory care. Twenty-eight touches or more may be necessary for a move to a life plan community. This sales cycle can range from over 100 days to nearly 400 days.

So, what can happen when you’re flooded with leads and don’t have time to respond to them?

You’ll lose them, and here are a few reasons why:

  • You don’t respond to their initial inquiry quickly.
  • You don’t gather contact information during the first call.
  • You neglect to log a next action step in your CRM.
  • You run through a fast sales pitch of your amenities but don’t ask questions and determine your prospect’s needs and wants.
  • You forget to validate their feelings, show empathy, and actively listen to your prospect’s concerns.
  • You send impersonal emails with an overwhelming number of attachments on floor plans, pricing, activity calendars, and more.
  • You don’t add details about your prospects in the CRM.
  • Your hot leads grow cold because you’re not there for them when they’re ready.

Senior living sales teams must remain patient and emotionally connected to prospects throughout the buyer’s journey to maintain trust and move the prospect through the sales funnel. Without these essential steps and dedicated time, you’ll likely lose your leads and prospects.

How Can You Manage a High Volume of Senior Living Leads Properly?

When you identify a problem like having too many senior living leads, it’s important to consider solutions that address the issue. A lead management system could be the answer you’ve been seeking. A traditional call center won’t cut it, but a lead management solution will.

A successful lead management solution will do the following:

  • Answer every lead call personally.
  • Use the discovery process to identify pain points and learn more about your buyers.
  • Advance more calls to tours.
  • Enter every lead into your CRM.
  • Sort your leads into sales-qualified and marketing-qualified leads.
  • Seamlessly blend into your team and represent your brand with integrity and trust.
  • Respond to web forms immediately.

Are You Ready to Convert More Senior Living Leads to Tours and Move-ins?

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