Ensuring your senior living sales teams cover all their lead source bases can be challenging.

Senior living leads can arrive in a multitude of ways, so how can you respond quickly to new leads and effectively manage every source?

The answer is more straightforward than you might realize – a lead management solution that will answer every call personally, respond to web forms immediately, enter every lead into your CRM, and more.

Keep reading to dive deeper into this senior living lead management solution.

How do you convert more leads?

First, let’s talk about how you can convert more leads from multiple sources. There are three key ways to convert more of your new leads:

#1: Be the first.

You must be the first to respond to every lead from all lead sources, including phone calls, form fills, chat, social media channels, direct mail, emails, events, etc. Set a great first impression with a prompt and personal response.

#2: Be persistent.

Make sure your team doesn’t give up after a few attempts. Most conversions happen after eight attempts. Be persistent but also patient and understanding.

#3: Be organized.

Organize your leads into sales-qualified and marketing-qualified leads. This critical step to prioritize which leads are ready for sales and which ones aren’t quite ready to convert will give you better results and, ultimately, more conversions.

How can your marketing and sales team achieve results?

How can you achieve the results you want, now that you know how to convert more leads from all your sources? You may be short-staffed or faced with an influx of new leads.

What’s the best way to cover your lead source bases effectively? A single lead management system may be the solution.

What is a lead management solution?

A lead management solution, like LeadGenie, offers virtual sales support to ensure every lead – from all your lead sources – is responded to personally and promptly. An effective lead management system will nurture your prospects through the funnel, resulting in more tours, event attendees, and move-ins.

A lead management solution will work with your team to cover all your tasks to convert more leads through inbound and outbound calls, special projects, and the discovery process.

Staffed with a team of senior living industry professionals, an experienced lead management system will understand your leads and prospective residents’ pain points, needs, wants, and concerns.

Explore LeadGenie, a fully customizable lead management solution

While searching for a senior living call center, we invite you to explore LeadGenie, a complete lead management solution that will help your sales team and boost your tours and move-ins. LeadGenie offers virtual sales support, quickly and consistently responding to your leads.

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