Senior living sales teams today are likely busier than ever juggling new leads, nurturing prospects, coordinating move-ins, and more. There is often very little extra time in the day, and unfortunately, some tasks may get placed on the back burner.

However, there is a solution that can help senior living sales teams overcome these challenges. By partnering with a call center such as LeadGenie, you can free up valuable time for your sales team. This blog will delve into the benefits of this partnership and how it can enhance your sales process.

5 ways a call center can give your sales team more time to sell

#1: The call center handles all your inbound calls.

An experienced, trained senior living call center team answers your calls personally. This means we respond to leads quickly and book more tours — and in LeadGenie’s case, ninety-five percent of calls are greeted in seconds!

#2: The call center takes care of all digital and third-party lead follow-ups.

A senior living call center like LeadGenie manages and nurtures leads while evaluating their pain points and qualifications.

#3: The call center reconnects with older, cold leads.

As the call center makes outbound calls to follow up and re-engage leads, it will also clean up your database.

#4: The call center develops a custom knowledge base.

The call center will know all the important details of your community, brand, and sales process to create a seamless, professional transition from their team to yours.

#5: The call center works directly in your sales and marketing platforms.

A dedicated virtual team like LeadGenie will be trained on your sales software, including your CRM, marketing automation software, and SMS program.

Ready to free up more time for your sales team to sell?

LeadGenie can be your partner in sales and more! LeadGenie is a complete lead management solution that will help warm up your cold senior living leads and boost your tours and move-ins. LeadGenie offers virtual sales support, quickly and consistently responding to and reaching out to your leads.

We do this through a customized approach free of long-term contracts and one-size-fits-all packages. You decide what works best for you! Set up a no-obligation consultation today!