Re-engaging cold leads in your senior living database can be time-consuming. Many of your leads may have moved to another community, lost interest, or even passed away. However, there are usually leads that can still be warmed up, so setting aside time to contact them is important.

So, how do you find the time to reach out to all your cold leads? That’s where a senior living call center like LeadGenie comes in.

What is a senior living call center?

A senior living call center, just one part of a lead management system, is your dedicated virtual sales concierge who will follow your sales process and document all sales activities in your CRM. It may be the solution you’re looking for to clean up your CRM and reconnect with cold leads.

The lead management system can focus on inbound calls and leads generated from all your marketing channels, including digital ads, print media, direct mail, and your website. The call center team can also cover vacant sales positions and work on special projects, like making outbound calls to older or colder leads.

How can a lead management solution warm up my cold leads?

A senior living lead management system tasked with cleaning up a cold lead database can allocate its time and energy to the project. If leads are encountered that have moved elsewhere, passed away, or are no longer interested in your community, the call center team will document their findings in your CRM appropriately and continue moving through the leads until each one has been contacted.

The call center will likely connect with leads that have renewed interest in your community, which may launch them forward to a higher sales funnel stage. An experienced lead management solution team will offer professional and personalized communication, showing empathy and patience with every conversation.

A senior living lead management solution will likely warm up your cold leads by doing the following:

  • Being consistent with regular follow-up communication
  • Maintaining an empathetic, respectful, and thoughtful approach
  • Immediately responding to messages or emails
  • Setting up the next steps for your lead, including emailing brochures and booking tours
  • Handling objections with tact, compassion, and empathy to help make the lead feel heard and valued
  • Discovering the pain points of the lead and helping to address their needs, wants, and concerns

Ready to warm up your cold senior living leads?

 LeadGenie can help make that happen! LeadGenie is a complete lead management solution that will help warm up your cold senior living leads and boost your tours and move-ins. LeadGenie offers virtual sales support, quickly and consistently responding to and reaching out to your leads.

We do this through a customized approach free of long-term contracts and one-size-fits-all packages. You decide what works best for you! Set up a no-obligation consultation today!          

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