Many of us have some preconceived ideas when we think of call centers, and they usually aren’t positive. You may picture someone speaking very fast, or you may possibly experience a language barrier. You may also get an agent who cannot answer your questions or is unwilling to find someone who can help you. Worse yet, you don’t get a real person; you get a series of menus to navigate with long wait times.

Fortunately, senior living call centers are typically the opposite. They likely employ experienced senior living professionals who are thoroughly trained and willing to help you in any way they can. The call center team at LeadGenie understands the industry inside and out, and is prepared to uncover pain points, needs, wants, concerns, and more. Read on to learn more.

What you can expect during a conversation with a senior living call center

#1: A U.S.-based call center team

Our call center team at LeadGenie is based in the U.S. We understand that language can be a barrier and a source of frustration for leads. We ensure our call center counselors speak clearly and concisely, with the appropriate volume, to meet the needs of older adults who may be hard of hearing.

#2: Experienced senior living professionals

LeadGenie counselors have a deep understanding of the senior living industry, including how to show empathy, respect, and care to leads and their families. Call center counselors will lead calls with compassion, dignity, and respect as they discuss their lead’s pain points, needs, wants, and concerns.

#3: Trained counselors who know the community well

Our trained counselors will engage in thorough training about your community and its offerings. They will serve as a shining representation of your brand and show leads what sets you apart from other communities.

#4: Fast and personal response

LeadGenie knows how important speed to the lead is in the industry. You may lose your leads to competitors if you’re not the first to respond. Our senior living call center counselors respond quickly to phone calls, form fills, and chats – always using a real person. Every call is answered personally and professionally.

Ready to explore a senior living call center for your community?

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