When you operate multiple senior living communities in a city or town, senior living lead management in a shared market can get tricky – and even frustrating. In these situations, sister communities may get many duplicate leads and then compete against each other for the sale.

That’s definitely not the way you want your sales teams to spend their time, so how can you more effectively manage your shared market leads? The solution may be less complicated than you think. Keep reading to find out!

What happens when you have a high rate of duplicate leads in a shared market?

When you have multiple senior living communities in a shared market, you may experience a high rate of duplicate leads. Here’s what can happen in these situations:

  1. You’ll get an artificially inflated number of leads in your CRM database.
  2. You’ll have multiple sales teams inefficiently working the same leads and inadvertently competing against each other.
  3. Your prospects will become confused and irritated about being marketed to by different communities within the same company.

How can you provide a cost-effective solution to managing duplicate leads among your sister communities?

Consider a virtual and centralized senior living call center to get you back on track! An effective lead management solution will coordinate your leads and work to identify which community is best for each prospect.

A lead management system can also set appointments, complete follow-ups, and document these activities in your CRM. You can decide whether you’d like to use the lead solution for a short time or to provide ongoing support to your sales teams.

An added benefit of a lead management system in a shared market is that it may be able to present the prospect with your other community options within the market, potentially steering them to a community that suits them better.

Instead of hiring another full-time sales team member, reallocate those dollars to a centralized lead management solution. You’ll save money on commissions and benefits and get sales support across all channels and communities.

Do you need a singular lead management solution for your shared markets?

LeadGenie can help support your marketing and sales efforts! LeadGenie is a complete lead management solution that will help your sales team and boost your tours and move-ins. LeadGenie offers virtual sales support, quickly and consistently responding to your leads.

We do this through a customized approach free of long-term contracts and one-size-fits-all packages. You decide what works best for you! Set up a no-obligation consultation today!        

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