Your marketing and sales team is likely swamped with managing leads, move-ins, tours, events, and more in their day-to-day responsibilities. Using a senior living call center to support their efforts can boost their success. Learn how in this blog from LeadGenie.

6 ways a senior living call center can boost your sales

#1: Partnering with a senior living call center can help relieve your team of some of their time-consuming duties.

“Our support will allow the community relations director and sales team to remain focused on tours and community needs instead of answering calls,” said LeadGenie’s Vice President of Operations Lisa Miller.

“We can have a welcome center available seven days a week to accept all calls for the community,” added Miller.

#2: Continue following up to build relationships with leads who were captured from an inquiry call.

A call center can call prospects periodically to gauge their interest in the community and where they are in their own decision-making journey.

#3: Get an update on interest to re-engage leads.

Call center agents can connect with cool or cold leads to assess whether they are still interested in your community, and if they are to warm them up.

#4: Nurture prospects to advance them to book a tour, set up a lunch, or attend an event.

A call center can execute your lead nurturing strategy by performing periodic touches with your prospects, keeping them moving forward in the sales cycle.

#5: Focus on re-engaging cold and lost leads.

Prospects in your database that are not responsive, moved in with family, had a respite stay, remained at home, or have indicated they’re not ready are opportunities to be re-engaged. A call center can call out to these prospects to attempt to warm them up again or close them out in your CRM.

#6: Prioritize speed to the lead so inquiries are responded to promptly and professionally by caring and patient call center counselors.

Among the most important metric in senior living sales, speed to lead measures how quickly you responded to a new inquiry. A fast speed to the lead time can set you apart from your competitors and make the difference in winning the sale.

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