Should You Use a Senior Living Call Center? ( Cloned )

The Basics – Answering Calls:

Ensure that every phone call into your community is handled with professionalism, accuracy, courtesy, and speed.

Our dedicated Genies become a part of your team, handling all of your inbound sales inquiries according to your brand guidelines and knowledge base, with the goal of capturing lead info, understanding needs and timelines, and scheduling a tour. Recently, our Genies have scheduled tours with 70% of all inbound sales calls! Let LeadGenie work our magic in welcoming new prospects to your senior living community.

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The Heavy Lift — Lead Aggregator Outreach:

How do you manage the deluge of leads that can come in from senior living lead aggregators like A Place for Mom and

There are two things we know about the leads that come from these sources. They vary in quality widely, and they are being shared with other communities in your market, so speed to the lead becomes the most important factor in whether they convert. Having a dedicated team to reach out to these leads (in seconds – not hours) can make all the difference. LeadGenie can even respond to these leads on the weekends – so you don’t have to!

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The CRM Cleaner — Cold Lead Follow-Up:

As they say, there’s gold in the cold!

If you have a database of old, cold, or disengaged leads but just don’t have the time to prioritize following up with all of them, a dedicated team of Genies could solve your outreach issue. Our Genies work right in your CRM to reach out to leads that have gone cold, to revive and reengage, while documenting everything for your sales team. We’ll progress leads back into your sales cycle and disqualify any who have truly left the market. Simultaneously providing you with more lead volume and cleaning up your database!

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