Is your senior living community currently under construction? Are you feeling the pressure to lease up to a target occupancy on the first day the community is open? Getting nervous about budgeting for a salesperson too soon?

Well, you’re not alone, and fortunately, there is a less costly solution than hiring a salesperson to do the pre-leasing job.

Using a Lead Management Solution During Pre-Leasing

Your community will likely be in the pre-leasing stage for many months and possibly a year or more. Hiring a salesperson can be costly due to the expenses of renting a leasing office or sales trailer and paying for benefits, a competitive salary, and sales commissions.

A lead management solution can be the perfect solution during this critical time of pre-leasing. We’re not talking about a traditional call center, either.

A professional lead management system will provide a virtual team of industry experts ready to answer calls, convert leads, and secure move-ins.

A successful lead management solution will do the following:

  • Build an interest list of leads

  • Manage initial inquiries (qualify, disqualify, and advance)

  • Set tour appointments for the on-site team

  • Manage prospect event attendance

  • Follow up with prospects after events and tours

Why Choose LeadGenie as Your Trusted Partner?

Contact LeadGenie if you’re ready to consider a lead management system to start building a solid lead pipeline for your new community.

We were created by the experienced senior living industry experts at Senior Living SMART – a trusted partner in top-quality senior living marketing solutions for over 10 years.

Our staff of LeadGenie counselors are trained senior living professionals who understand the ins and outs of selling in the industry. LeadGenie counselors are dedicated to handling your leads and prospects with dignity and respect.

We tailor packages based on your needs with no long-term contracts. You can choose the services that make the most sense for your team. LeadGenie can also work with your CRM and unique brand.

What Steps Are Involved in Getting Started with LeadGenie?

Our packages are fully customizable to meet your needs, and we don’t require you to commit to lengthy contracts.

Follow these three simple steps to get started:

1. Choose Your Package

Choose from one of our packages or create your own.

2. Choose Your Timeframe

Decide how long you’d like LeadGenie to manage your pre-leasing leads, from one week to one month or until there is a desired outcome.

3. Choose Your Platforms

LeadGenie works with any CRM, marketing automation platform, and SMS platform to support calls and emails with text campaigns.

Call LeadGenie Today for Your Pre-Leasing Needs

Ready to learn more? Book a call with us to see if LeadGenie is a good fit for you. We may be just what you’re looking for to ensure you successfully meet your pre-leasing goals. View our flyer for pricing details >>

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