SPEED TO THE LEAD: Follow Up and Set Tours with Leads from Top Referral Partners

Instantly accept and begin nurturing leads from Caring.com and A Place for Mom

Are your salespeople spending too much time managing third-party leads from A Place for Mom and Caring.com?

These lead aggregators share leads with multiple competitors, which is why the closing ratio averages around a dismal 3%.

The Solution? “Speed to the Lead”

Speed to the Lead leverages marketing automation to accept, respond to, and convert these leads quickly and efficiently so your sales team stays focused on the best opportunities.

Our industry-first bi-directional integration between your CMS (HubSpot or ActiveDEMAND / Enquire MAP), and your top referral partners allows for instant, automatic responses to all of your referral leads.

Speed to the Lead and LeadGenie

By connecting our Speed to the Lead marketing automation with personalized follow up from LeadGenie, for the first time ever, you can let an agency handle your referral leads from creation to tour, with complete transparency.

Our Genies are an extension of your sales team and are trained in all necessary technology to follow up with your new leads within minutes, document the process, and continue the conversation until a tour is booked.

The Benefits of Speed to the Lead and LeadGenie

Accepting Leads Instantly

Through marketing automation, all leads from third-party aggregators will populate into your senior living CRM. This action instantly triggers a custom welcome message email.

Responding to Leads Automatically and Immediately

Both immediately, and over a period of several weeks, leads receive contextual messages inviting them to tour, attend an event, read your blog, download content, or enjoy lunch at the community.

Converting Warm Leads

Our Genies will continue to work warm leads until they’ve either scheduled a tour with your community or dropped off.

The Fastest, Most Thorough Response

You’ll not only be the first to reach out via email, but by phone as well – with a well-researched, empathetic conversation.

Transparency from Lead to Tour

Avoid the tension between marketing and sales by letting our LeadGenie senior living contact center specialists qualify and nurture leads until a tour is book

Competitive Advantage

Don’t let your competition beat you out as the fastest, most thorough response team. With Speed to the Lead and LeadGenie, your marketing will work overtime with A Place for Mom and Caring.com to keep your tour schedule booked!

Get LeadGenie in Your Corner Today.

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