Evaluating how your team handles calls with senior living prospects is often helpful in maintaining an effective lead management process. Unfortunately, numerous missteps could cause you to lose leads, inadvertently slow the buyer’s journey, or cause your prospects to lose trust in your community.

Identifying red flags can help get you back on track. Watch for these six signs of mismanaged prospect calls at your senior living community.

Watch for Signs of Mismanaged Prospect Calls

  1. Not logging call attempts into your CRM – Make sure to log all your attempts to call the prospect, followed by your next step. Add details if you could leave a message with someone or record a voicemail.
  2. Changing a prospect’s status from hot to cold too quickly – Nurturing senior living prospects takes time. The buyer’s journey can span years, so it’s important not to move someone to cold too quickly. Continuous engagement is essential to remain connected and top of mind so the prospect will contact you when ready.
  3. Sharing community details without asking your prospect any questions – A common mistake in calls with prospects is talking too much and allowing little or no time for your prospect to share. The discovery process is key to building trust, identifying pain points, and digging deeper into objections.
  4. Not closing to the next action step, like offering to set a tour or call with a salesperson at the community – Offer your prospect a next step at the end of the call. This could include following up by email or phone. Consider inviting the prospect to your community for a meal or to attend an upcoming activity that interests them.
  5. Not logging a next action step in the CRM – When you decide on a next step, like a follow-up call or email or a tour, log the action in your CRM to ensure it will be completed on time and as promised to your prospect.
  6. Not logging useful details of prospect calls into the CRM – You’ll more than likely gain valuable details about your prospect’s life, interests, pain points, or concerns during a call. Log this information into the CRM so you can keep track of each unique prospect. Logging these details will help you provide a personalized experience for your prospect.

What Can You Do to Improve Calls With Prospects?

Keeping up with your prospects while responding to new leads can be challenging. In addition, senior living communities today are competing with every single lead like never before. Speed is crucial; you can’t afford to drop the ball.

So, what can you do to support your team so they can do their jobs well? Consider investing in a lead management solution. We’re not talking about a traditional call system, either.

An effective virtual lead management system can contact current prospects while responding promptly to new leads. They can support your team in whatever way is best for them so they can properly manage calls, tours, events, and other responsibilities.

You’ll see the following processes in place with a successful lead management solution:

  • Every call is answered personally.
  • A virtual sales team follows the discovery process.
  • Every lead is entered into your CRM.
  • Web forms are responded to immediately.
  • More calls are advanced to tours.
  • Older/colder leads are re-engaged.
  • Next steps are always planned and logged into the CRM.
  • Tours are followed up with calls and emails.
  • Event details are meticulously planned.

Ready to Discover How LeadGenie Can Support Your Team?

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